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Who We Are

Global Pos International is the leading supplier of precious metals, commodity trading, Int´l Project Funding and Investment management solutions. 

We engage specialist business consultants working internationally to support companies involved in precious metals, energy and commodities.

One of the key services we offer is raising capital for new ventures helping clients’ expand and enhance their business. We offer project funding and private investment to help bring vision to life. We are able to do this because of our extensive knowledge, experience and uncompromising credibility in this market.

We are leading experts in the precious metals industry providing services such as marketing, project funding, trading and are renowned for our expertise in the management of precious metals, other commodities and security.

We have an established record of successfully implementing global business strategies whilst providing high levels of customer service and maintaining efficiency and productivity throughout the process. We have successfully built a team of specialist consultants who know about the dynamics on a global scale and understand the developing implications on a day to day basis. We take pride in giving clients’ the assurance that the professional assistance they receive comes from unrivalled years of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen. 
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